The South Morang Mernda Rail Alliance position

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1. We specifically need the rail extension because:

Rail is more environmentally sustainable
There is social isolation for people who cannot otherwise get around
It will remove car-dependency - ie remove need for additional cars per household which are expensive
The rail line should be in place and supported by a network of buses before people move into new residential areas so they never need to buy extra cars
Fuel prices are at historically high levels and rising
The area is a major Melbourne growth corridor
Not everyone can drive eg youth, seniors, disabled, etc
Congestion on roads is increasing and people need an alternative
It is faster than other Public Transport modes and hence more competitive with private car and bus
It will help divert traffic off Plenty Road
It connects to an important Melbourne 2030 activity centre adjacent to the Plenty Valley Town Centre Shopping Centre
It would provide a high speed backbone to the public transport system in the area
It would serve the employment precinct planned for McDonalds/Plenty Roads
It would enable access to the re-located fruit and vegetable market in Cooper Street
It would assist in the transfer of school children with the Catholic School (both Primary and Secondary) now proposed to be built on the Mill Park Lake Estate.

This photo shows the site of the old Mernda rail station as it is now. It runs parallel to Schotters Road almost opposite the Mernda Recreation Reserve.  The government still owns this rail reserve all the way to Whittlesea. 

This is an old photo of Whittlesea Rail Station taken in 1957.  Wouldn't it be great that once the rail has returned to Mernda that we could again continue the cause to extend the line to Whittlesea!

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