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After the Mernda Rail Extension was announced, there were several community consultations held in multiple locations to enable as many as possible to see plans and to comment on them.


Map below top shows from Sth Morang station to Gordons road where the plan is to go under the road with all other sections at ground level.   

Next Map shows Hawkstowe station location but showing rail could be under or over the road.

Next Map shows after Hawkstowe station that the rail goes above the waterways and then rail at ground level. 

Last map shows ground level rail up to Mernda station and can be either under or over Bridge Inn Road.

Next came the design drawings of which there are several.

First drawing is the approach to Gordon's road.

Next is the drawing of Hawkestowe proposed station.

Next drawing is of the rail over the Parkway.

Next drawing is of the approach to Mernda station.

Next drawing is of Mernda station if going under Bridge Inn Road.

Next drawing is of the stabling yards and car park adjacent to SES and CFA

Following these meetings new designs were produced and these appear on the maps page.


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