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The endangered Matted Flax Lily is found along 

the rail corridor from South Morang to Mernda. 

Plants have now been identified and flagged to 

prevent any damage. The plants will be moved 

to a new location, just like they were for the 

South Morang rail project. The site in this picture 

is adjacent to the Marymede College oval.

And today there are works beginning at 

Mernda Station too! Thanks to Page member 

Eranga Jayasundera for his picture


The works depot for the extension is now being set up near South Morang Station on McDonalds Rd. Thanks to Page member Chris Atkins for sending in the photo!

Work has begun at Marymede Station with surveyors pegs being set out at the site. The State Government promised works to begin in early 2017 and they have stayed true to their word; thanks to the Page member who sent in this photograph, keep your eyes peeled and we'll post your photos up of construction as they occur 

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